The competition is open to any journal published by any FIT member, or any recognized branch, chapter, regional group or section of such an organisation.

2017 winner

The ATA Chronicle, published by the American Translators Association in the United States

with an Honourable Mention going to the newsletter La Voz de APTI of the Asociacíon Panameña de traductores e Intérpretes (APTI)


Winners and Honourable Mentions of the FIT Prize for Best Periodical

Year Winner Honourable Mention / Mentions honorables
2017 The ATA Chronicle, ATA, USA La Voz de APTI, APTI, Panama
2014 ITI Bulletin, ITI, UK InformATIO, ATIO, Canada
2011 ITI Bulletin, ITI, UK TRADUIRE, SFT, France