FIT has an international translation award designed to promote the translation of literary works written in languages of limited diffusion. The objectives of the award are to improve the quality of such literary translations and to draw attention to the role of translators in bringing the peoples of the world closer together in terms of culture.

2017 winner

György Buda
nominated by the Austrian Association of Literary and Scientific Translators (AALST)

Winners of the Karel Čapek Medal

Year Winner .
2017 György Buda Austria / Autriche
2014 Kari Kemény Norway / Norvège
2011 Daniel Kunene South Africa / Afrique du Sud
2008 Juhani Salokannel Finland / Finlande
2005 Dr. Christa Rothmeir Austria / Autriche
2002 Turid Farbregd Norway / Norvège
1999 Helena Kadecková Czech Republic / République Tchèque
1996 Jerzy Lítwiniuk Poland / Pologne