The ISO Standing Committee is supporting FIT’s liaison status with the technical committee ISO/TC037/SCR for translation, interpreting and related technologies. As a continent based structure with up to two members per continent, the liaison role of the committee members with the member associations in their respective continents forms the very core of this consultative function. It is critical that member associations are familiar with the work FIT is undertaking and that their support, reservations and suggestions are conveyed and taken into consideration in FIT decisions.


Ilya Mishchenko (UTR), Russia
Lidia Jeansalle (CTPCBA), Argentina
Robin Bonthrone (ITI), UK,
Sandra Bertolini (ITIA), Italy,
Zhang Xuetao (TAC), China
Izabel Souza (FIT), USA
Alan Melby (FIT Council liaison, ATA), USA
Gladys Martell Hurtado (CTP), Peru

Special delegate:
representing FIT in ISO / TC037 working group:
Izabel Souza (ATA), USA

Activity reports: