XIXth FIT World Congress in San Francisco

1–4 August 2011

Official Statutory Congress Report


FIT Prizes

The presentation of prizes and awards at FIT World Congresses is one of the most important and widely recognized functions FIT fulfils for its member associations. Being selected by an international jury to receive a FIT prize or award signifies recognition of the ‘best of the best’ by one’s peers around the globe.

The 2011 winners are as follows:

  • Astrid Lindgren Prize for the Translation of Children’s Literature: Ms Kaisa Kattelus, nominated by the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL)    [More…]
  • “Aurora Borealis” Prize for Outstanding Translation of Fiction Literature: Ms Lourdes Arencíbia Rodrigues, nominated by the Cuban Association of Translators and Interpreters (ACTI) [More…]
  • “Aurora Borealis” Prize for Outstanding Translation of Non-fiction Literature: Mr Rodolfo Alpízar Castillo, nominated by the Cuban Association of Translators and Interpreters (ACTI) [More…]
  • Karel Čapek Medal for Translation from a Language of Limited Diffusion: Prof. Daniel Kunene, nominated by the South African Translators’ Institute [More…]
  • FIT Prize for Best Periodical: ITI Bulletin published by the Institute of Translators and Interpreters in the UK, with an Honourable Mention going to the French Translators’ Association’s (SFT) annual Traduire  [More..]
  • FIT Prize for Best Website: www.sft.fr – the website of the French Translators’ Association, Société française des traducteurs [More …]
  • Pierre-François Caillé Memorial Medal for a contribution to the profession at an international level: No award in 2011

New FIT Council

The open Congress was preceded by the Statutory Congress on 30-31 July 2011, where a new Council was elected:

Capture Conseil

From left to right:  Perpetua Uiterwaal, Béatriz Rodriguez, Mao Sihui, Huang Changqi,  Reiner Heard, Marion Boers (President), Denis Bousquet, Sabine Colombe, Jiri Stejskal (Vice-President), Reina de Bettendorf, Silvana Marchetti (Vice-President), Henri Liu  (Vice-President), Andrew Evans (Treasurer). Not in the photo: Kevin Quirk, Joroslav  Soltys, Laimantas Jonusys, Izabel Arocha (Secretary general),

New FIT dues and currency

  • New dues : The minimum due of 300 USD has been replaced. Instead, from 2012, there will be a maximum due of 2500 USD and the due per capita is now 3,00 USD.
  • From 2012, FIT finances will be denominated in Swiss Francs and the conversion will be based on the exchange rate of January 1 2012.

New regular members are: the Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators the Association of Police and Court Interpreters (APCI) the Chamber of Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of the Czech Republic the Bulgarian Translators’ Union the Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreters (ABRATES) the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Serbia the Norwegian Audiovisual Translators Organization (NAViO) and the Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators Graduates of the Ionian University, Translators Association of Turkey,

New associate members are: the Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Higher School of Translation and Interpetation the Korean Association of Translation Studies (KATS) the International Interpretation and Translation Association of Korea the Japan Association for Interpreting and Translation Studies (JAITS) the Department of Translators and Interpreters, the Artesis University College, Antwerp the High Arab Institute of Translation (ISAT) the Institute for Applied Linguistics and Translatology of the University of Leipzig (IALT).

New observer members: Australian Association of Literary Translation (AALITRA ), Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association of Georgia, Colombian Association of Translators and Interpreters, Association professsionnelle des traducteurs et interprètes de Catalogne.

    • For financial reasons, the ID Card project is to be suspended unto a further issuing method can be found.
    • There is now a partnership agreement model to be used when FIT form partnerships with other supranational organizations in the interest of FIT members