The Dues Investigation Committee worked between the FIT Congresses 2008 and 2011. It’s conclusions mentioned in the report below have been adopted by the Statutory Congress 2011. The efficency of the new rules will be analysed for the next Congress and, if necessary, a new comittee constituted.

This committee becomes the travel cost committee.


Sabine Colombe (SFT)


Andrew Evans (ITI)
Nicholas Hartmann (ATA)
Changqi Huang (TAC)
Anastasia Pilottou (PANUTI)
Mariela Vallati (CTPS)


To review the basis for the calculation of FIT membership dues and submit proposals for change to the statutory congress in 2011. The aim of the review is to work out a fairer basis than the current one, in order to avoid the relatively heavier burden on smaller associations and those most affected by currency and exchange rate fluctuations. At the same time, the level of dues needs to provide adequate funds for FIT to attain its objectives.

Activity reports:

  • Published: 12 years ago on 6 March 2011