General meeting and new steering committee

At the last FIT Europe General Meeting in Bucharest in November 2011, a new steering committee was elected and the working plan for the next year defined.

  • Set up a Working Group on CAT Tools Development
  • Continue FIT Europe’s interest in the EU project Optimale and the European Masters in Translation
  • Maintain dialogue and pursue certain joint efforts with the European Association of Translation Companies EUATC
  • Maintain interest in the European Voluntary Certification Scheme project
  • On the PR side, look into the options for monitoring future projects and directives in the EU. A short description of what is Monitoring and why it is a useful action for all translators can be read here.
  • Look into finance and funding issues, look at project-driven funding with clear budget requirements, and approach FIT for support.
  • Disseminate information on the ‘interpreter situation’ in Europe
  • Pursue initiatives do discuss translation contracts (abuse / viability etc.) with DGT.

Below the project descriptions and current status:

  • Published: 11 years ago on 2 July 2011