Translation: Bridging Cultures

The theme of FIT’s 2011 Congress, namely Bridging Cultures, is a fitting encapsulation of a major purpose of translation, which is to spread the all-important truth that humanity is fundamentally the same. The differences are only in the details, that is to say, in the cultures that nurture us, that make us express that universal humanity. [See Acceptance Speech for the Karel Čapek Award here.]

The graphic

indicates a few of the activities being organised by member associations this year.

Click for more information: STIBCPEN Club, SFT, SATI Gauteng and Cape Town

International Translation Day is not the only day using St Jerome and his feastday to honour language and language workers. The EU celebrates the European Day of Languages (EDL) on 26 September, although — as in the case of ITD — the celebrations are held over a much longer period in different countries. You can read more about EDL at


  • Published: 11 years ago on 3 August 2011