The FIT members’ e-group

For some time FIT members have been saying that they would like to have a way of being in contact with each other on an informal basis. The FIT e-group is now providing a new forum to facilitate communication between FIT members. It is open to all regular and associate members in good standing, not for observers. The e-group is monitored by the FIT secretariat.

The purpose of the e-group is to give members the opportunity to learn from each other, post queries, and have open discussions about the practice of our profession. We request that all e-group participants keep their comments focused on topics related to the translator, terminologist and interpreter community.

Each time you send a message to you will be emailing the FIT representatives of all the FIT member organizations. There is no need for prior approval. You are already on this list if you are receiving this email. Please add the email address above to your contact list.

Each association has one representative in the e-group.

The e-group may not be used for commercial purposes. However, news about events such as your
associations’ workshops and conferences can and should be shared with the group, so they can pass it on to their individual members. Do not post about events organized by non-member associations. We encourage you to raise questions about association management and the working conditions of translators, interpreters and terminologists, but take care not to infringe on antitrust laws.

Ground rules

There are a few ground rules for participation. Please comply with these rules, and show respect for each other.


Reply to the sender of a post directly and not to the entire group if the poster has asked for personal information. Otherwise all replies are to the group as a whole. Emails with ‘thanks’ or ‘not me’ also clog up members’ inboxes. Less is more in e-groups such as this one.

No attachments

Please do not send any attachments. Do not forget that many people read these messages through slow network connections. If you have a large file that you would like to share, provide a link to the web page or send it to the moderator who will put it in the member space of the FIT website.

Trim your follow-ups

Do not quote the entire content of the message to which you are replying. Include only as much as is necessary for context. Preferably only include the last message that you are answering. Remember that if someone wants to read the original message, it is easily accessible.

Post HTML at your own risk

Keep in mind that not everyone uses mail or news readers that can easily display HTML messages. Consequently, you will reach a larger audience if you post in plain-text. Many people simply ignore HTML messages.

Identify your subject matter

Identify your subject clearly and do not change the subject of a thread. For new topics, always create a new message with a new subject.

We are looking forward to an active and lively e-group

Your FIT Council

  • November 15th 2014
  • As revised February 2015
  • As revised December 2021