FIT communicates internally and externally with its members and other stakeholders using diverse digital platforms. The most important of these are the FIT website, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and the FIT E-Group. The Digital Communications Task Force will examine how FIT can optimise its use of these platforms in order to gain the maximum benefit from them. The Task Force has also created a dedicated FIT YouTube channel. The outcomes of the Task Force will be concrete improvements to the content, design, technical aspects and processes related to FIT’s digital communications, as well as a plan for their day-to-day management and recommendations for the FIT Communication Strategy. The Task Force may consult external experts (in coding, web design, translation, etc.) to achieve these goals, within the limits of its budget.


Eva Malkki (FIT Council, SKTL), Finland E-mail (Co-Chair)
Kevin Quirk (FIT Council, NFF), Norway E-mail (Co-Chair)
Ismayil Jabrayilov (FIT Council, AGTA), Azerbaijan E-mail
Jørgen Christian Nielsen, Denmark E-mail
Alison Lucre Rodriguez, (FIT Council, AUSIT), Australia E-mail
Damian Santilli (CTPCBA), Argentina E-mail