The aim is to draft carefully researched FIT position papers on topical and/or controversial issues as well as new developments in the world of translation, interpreting and terminology work. At least two versions of each paper will be prepared to meet the needs of different target groups, e.g. professional translators and the public using translations. The draft papers will first be distributed to the Council members and then to the FIT member associations for their comments and any additional input. The final position papers are to be widely disseminated and posted on the FIT website.

The following position papers have been produced by the task force to date:


Reiner Heard (Chair, FIT Council, ATICOM), Germany E-mail
Reina De Bettendorf (FIT Council liaison, APTI), Panama E-mail
Alan Melby (FIT Council, ATA), USA E-mail
Maria Mousafiri (FIT Council, PAT), Greece E-mail
Lidia Jeansalle (CTPCBA), Argentina E-mail
Norma Keßler (BDÜ), Germany E-mail
Joanna Miler-Cassino (TEPIS), Poland E-mail