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Silvia Cerrella Bauer (ASTTI), Switzerland, E-mail


Maria Victoria Tuya (CTPCBA), Argentina, E-mail
Fátima De Silva (Conalti), Venezuela, E-mail
Yu Jingsong (TAC), Canada, E-mail


  • To keep track of changes in the general direction of translation technology and new products that are available world-wide to translators and to inform FIT member associations in this regard.
  • To disseminate useful terminological information for all FIT member associations and other interested parties in electronic form.
  • To centralise for the benefit of FIT and its members terminology-related public documents (surveys, glossaries, etc.) that are currently available through various channels, this work would need to be done in cooperation with terminology associations and with due regard to copyright.

Activity reports

Technology Resources

(see http://www.ttt.org/fit2008/)

A tutorial on Translation Technology for Beginners was presented at the FIT World Congress in Shanghai, China, in August 2008. Below you will find the link to the presentation slides and related documents as well as to the websites of the Resources providers.
Contact Alan K. Melby (akmtrg _AT_ byu _DOT_ edu) with information on additional tools or other resources for inclusion on this page. Include “FIT technology” in the subject line.

Lucky draw for freeware tips

Diana Rhudick – a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) – is the winner of the FIT Translation Technology Committee’s lucky draw for freeware tips held recently among members. She is honored to be recognized by the International Federation of Translators.

Congratulations, Diana!

The freeware that Diana recommends is called IntelliWebSearch (also recommended by one of the other entrants), which allows one to highlight a term in the source language being translated and look it up on several websites at the same time.
Our thanks also go to the other translators who entered their favourite freeware in the competition:

Diana Rhudick

Diana received her Master’s degree in translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in California. She then moved to Belgium for two years to work as a translator, first for a news agency and later as a freelancer. In the nineties, Diana returned stateside, teaching college-level French and Spanish while establishing her own translation practice.

She has been translating and proofreading for 25 years, specializing in legal and business texts. Diana is ATA-certified for translation from French and Spanish into English, and is also active in her local translators group, the New England Translators Association. She was recently named its president for the upcoming year.

  • Published: 12 years ago on 3 May 2011