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Portugese in Termium plus

The Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank is now quadrilingual. The Translation Bureau is proud to announce the addition of over 18 000 Portuguese terms to TERMIUM Plus®, the largest terminology and linguistic data bank in North America.

They are from various fields, most significantly Canadian federal administration, Canadian toponymy, environment, grain growing, medicine, minting and coffee farming. Two interesting aspects are (1) that the Portuguese records contain geographic indicators distinguishing between Brazilian and Portuguese usages and (2) that the equivalents take into account Portuguese spelling changes that came into effect in 2008.

The addition of Portuguese records to TERMIUM Plus® will definitely meet the multilingual terminology needs of language professionals and the general public. And this pool of Portuguese records will only grow over time! With TERMIUM Plus®, finding the right words has just become easier! —

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Also, the Government of Canada’s Translation Bureau is pleased to announce the release of the Arabic version of its Handbook of Terminology, a rich reference work written by two esteemed terminology specialists, Silvia Pavel and Diane Nolet. The Arabic adaptation of the Handbook is the work of Khalid Lachheb, a researcher at the Institut d’études et de recherches pour l’arabisation in Rabat, Morocco, who holds a doctorate in Arabic terminology from the Université Mohammed V. The Handbook of Terminology is also available free of charge in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean on the Translation Bureau’s web.

Johanne Marquis

  • Published: 12 years ago on 29 April 2011