Mao Sihui (FTIM, Macao, E-mail


Zhang Meifang (FTIM), Macao, E-mail 
Yifeng Sun (TAC), Hong Kong, E-mail
Margaret D’Silva (ATA), USA, E-mail 
Douglas Robinson (FTIM), Canada, E-mail
Hu Gengshen (FTIM), Macao, E-mail
James Jian Li (FTIM), Macao, E-mail
Ken-Fang LEE (FTIM), Macao, E-mail
Leticia Ana Martinez (CTPCBA), Argentina, E-mail
Marita del Carmen Propato (AATI), Argentina, E-mail


  • To organize regional meetings/seminars/workshops as a platform for
    scholars and practitioners in translation and cultural studies to meet
    and exchange ideas and experience in both research and teaching
  • To participate in international conferences, forums and projects concerning TCS
  • To assist national associations in TCS-related projects and tasks
  • To promote interdisciplinary studies in translation, culture and
    communication (esp. the translation of visual texts such film,
    television and advertising)

Activity reports:

  • Published: 12 years ago on 30 April 2011