Literary translation and copyright are at the heart of FIT’s heritage. FIT remains the only global voice for literary translators and is the only worldwide translators’ organisation that focuses on matters relating to copyright. Through international events focused on literary translation and copyright issues, collaboration with other literary organisations and dedicated projects showcasing talented young literary translators, the FIT Literary Translation and Copyright Task Force aims to raise the profile of literary translation and to highlight copyright issues throughout the world.


Estela Consigli (AATI), Argentina E-mail
Lucila Cordone (AATI), Argentina E-mail
Clelia Chamatropulos (CTBCPA), Argentina E-mail
Lidia Jeansalle (CTBCPA), Argentina E-mail
Brigitte Rapp (UEG), Austria E-mail  E-mail
Werner Richter (UEG), Austria E-mail
Natalie Rouanet-Herlt (UEG), Austria E-mail
Sandra Bertolini (AITI), Italy E-mail
Laimantas Jonusys (LLVS), Lithuania E-mail
Ika Kaminka (NO), Norway E-mail
Anne Lande Peters (NFF/NO), Norway E-mail
Kevin Quirk (FIT Council/NFF), Norway E-mail
Peter Bush (TA), UK E-mail
Lois Feuerle (ATA), USA E-mail

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Old working programme (formerly the Literary Translation Committee):

Old reports (formerly the Literary Translation Committee):

  • Published: 11 years ago on 19 June 2011