3    EC minutes 2014 September 22 and November 11

5  Reports

5.1   Reports from the President, the Secretary General, the Executive Director

5.2   Reports from the committees

5.3  Congress Report 2014: English, French

6.  Finances: Treasurer Report, Financial Statements 2014 and auditor statementFinancial procedures amended and Overwiew over the Financial Situation

7. Solidarity Fund: see recommendations

8.  Membership evolution

  • New membership applications: CIOL, ACTI Colombia, AIT, TIAMTA (Georgia)
  • Change of category: EGYTA
  • Resignations and terminations
  • Member recruitment: Marion’s list

9. Regional Centres:

FIT NA regulations,  FIT NA Report

FIT Europe General Meeting, English, French, –  FIT Europe Report

FIT LatAM Report

10. Secretariat restructuring : EC Meeting minutes Nov 2014 and confidential working documents (Jeannette’s memo, Contract with addendums).

11. Brisbane Congress: Draft Letter of agreement

12. Committees and Task forces:

Briefing document (Henry)

Powerpoint Presentation of current and proposed ones (Sabine)

4 proposals (Robert)

FIT Committee and Task force guidelines draft 2

13. FIT Communication : Babel report, Babel contract, Bibliography: Mail 

14. DFKI Framework Contract,  Proposal for  FIT Contract procedure principles

15.  ITD : List of last proposals

16. Upcomings from the last Congress : Crowdsourcing paper English & French

17. Proposed modifications of FIT Bylaws and RoP

18. Next Meetings: Invitation received from SFT for Council meeting 2016

19. AOB: Newsletters’ pool, Hope fund

  • Published: 8 years ago on 2 March 2015